CSU Global

is currently a participant in the Verified Private program.

This company has earned Verified Private certification. The Verified Private Trustmark means you can proceed with confidence.

Companies who have completed the Verified Private Certification are affirming to their customers and the general public that they have made an enterprise commitment to protecting sensitive data and personally identifiable information within their organization. These companies have demonstrated that their privacy policies and privacy governance practices meet the standards set forth in the MatrixPoint Consulting privacy policy compliance and data governance best practices assessment criteria.

MatrixPoint monitors continuing compliance through ongoing privacy impact assessments and annual recertifications.

All companies that display the Verified Private Trustmark are solely responsible for their own privacy practices and for promptly notifying MatrixPoint of any changes in policies, governance, or data breaches that might affect their verified status.

The Verified Private Trustmark applies to the documented privacy practices presented as evidence for MatrixPoint Consulting Certification. The company is responsible for its internal controls and the effectiveness of its privacy programs, policies, disclosures, processes, and procedures described in its privacy notice. Verified Private has relied on the accuracy of the information and documentation provided by the company in making the determination that the company meets the Verified Private standards that correspond to the Trustmark being displayed.

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