About Us

MatrixPoint was conceived and built to help companies address data privacy compliance in California and other US states enacting new privacy laws. The adage “to a hammer, everything looks like a nail”, is exactly the reason you can’t build your privacy compliance working with only a law firm, a cybersecurity firm, a management consulting firm, or a technology solution. Our approach is to bring together the right combination of expertise—consulting, legal, and technology— and offer affordable expert managed services to keep your privacy program on track and in compliance.

Our team consists of data privacy and compliance experts, digital media professionals, software engineers, lawyers, and management consultants who bring a unique perspective that helps the businesses we work with understand and comply with changing regulations, anticipate the unpredictable, adapt rapidly to disruption and avoid costly penalties and reputation damage.

The era of data privacy is here to stay. More than ever, companies must comply with evolving data regulations to not only avoid fines and penalties, but also to gain a competitive advantage. To succeed in this new environment, it’s essential for businesses to provide their clients with a deep level of trust and transparency. By showcasing the Verified Private Trustmark on your website, you’re letting your customers know you are compliant with CCPA and have made a commitment to protect their sensitive data.

Verified Private Certification is provided by MatrixPoint, a specialized consulting firm dedicated to helping companies manage data and comply with data privacy regulations. Our experienced team has been trained in uncovering potential risks and delivering solutions.

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